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The year 2020 has been like nothing any of us expected, and to be quite honest, a year none of us really would have chosen. Yet, for TV-44, it has been a year to see just how faithful God is and to recognize the true calling of our mission.

Back in March, when the statewide COVID-19 restrictions started happening, TV-44's first response was “How can we help meet a need?” I guess you could also phrase it as, “What would Jesus do?” One thing I have learned over the years is that God just needs us to be willing. Once we are willing, then He is immediately ready to put us to work. That's what happened at TV-44.

Here are some quick highlights from our year:

    • The Allen County observance of the National Day of Prayer was going to be canceled due to gathering restrictions. TV-44 created a “safe setting” in our studio and broadcast the event live on TV.
    • Area high schools had to drastically change their graduation plans. TV-44 invited high schools to submit graduation videos and we aired them on TV-44, WOSN, and WNHO.
    • Heartbeat of Lima was not able to hold their annual fundraising banquet this year due to concern over coronavirus spread. TV-44 created the opportunity to broadcast the event live from the TV-44 studio. We also set up a phone bank system on-site for Heartbeat volunteers to accept donations during the broadcast.
    • TV-44's Sports Department stepped up immediately to offer as many live sporting events as possible. This created an opportunity for family and friends who are not allowed to attend events this year to still be able to watch their high school players.
    • TV-44 served as a key drop off and storage location. We are proud to have collected a significant portion of the 18,649 shoeboxes that were put together in Northwest ohio.

Once COVID issues started greatly affecting people in our community, TV-44 looked for opportunities to be a blessing and we're still at it:

      • Viewpoint Season 3 is underway thanks to the value of skype interviews and other technology that allows this show to continue.
      • We're still providing faith-based, encouraging messages every single week on all of our TV stations and our Facebook page.

Now more than ever, people need to hear the message of hope in Jesus. The enemy will use anything possible to destroy us: we've experienced attacks on health, relationships, isolation issues, and division. But the message of Jesus Christ is the healing balm that is more powerful than any attempt by the enemy.

It's time to prepare for 2021. None of us know what is to come, but we can rest in the assurance that God is already there and already has plans for all of us to be on the job for Him in the coming year.

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