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Dear Friend of TV-44,

Thank you to families that participated in our “Paint the Tower” campaign raising $80,000 to perform the needed tower maintenance. Our campaign was launched in the midst of economic upheaval, which makes your generosity even more of a blessing. We all yearn for a return to normalcy. We want to discard the masks along with social distancing.

Let’s pray that as summer nears a new sense of freedom and healing takes hold.
Like many small businesses and churches, WTLW has been impacted by government response to COVID-19. WTLW is supported by both donors and business sponsors. Understandably, as local businesses have struggled, sponsorships have dropped nearly 50% since April 1 st. As a result, we have furloughed over 60% of our staff; reduced administrative salary by 20%; and placed most studio productions on hiatus.

WTLW is operating with a skeleton crew mainly consisting of part time employees who have
performed remarkably well. Our highest priority is to maintain programming on the air without a drop in quality.

Here is some good news: The ACTS 44 Foundation will MATCH total gifts up to $25,000 for each of the months of June, July and August.

If fully met, the $75,000 match will largely replace the lost revenue from business sponsorships. This 90-day “Summer Recovery Challenge” is an opportunity to strengthen WTLW going into the fall and increase the value of your gift. We will track progress daily and announce when each monthly challenge has been met.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support during these unprecedented times.
Warmly in Christ,

Kevin Bowers
General Manager

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