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Our mission is to Share Jesus Through Media. Your donation, whether a one time contribution or a monthly partnership, helps to spread the message of the Gospel to West Central Ohio and beyond!

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Paul teaches us in 2 Corinthians 9:7 that while we should each decide in our hearts how much to give, we should do so cheerfully. It is never easy to ask for money, but we want you to understand that your gift — no matter how much you choose to donate — serves a purpose.

Just one chapter earlier, in 8:11-12, Paul encourages us to give in proportion to what we have and it’s that amount which will be acceptable to God. Please consider your donation in this context.

What impact does giving have?

    • WTLW and WOSN broadcasts can touch the lives of over 100,000 households in a 16-county area. Many who tune in have not yet made a commitment to Christ. Your donation plants a seed in their lives.
    • As we continue to grow in the arena of digital ministry, our reach can be exponentially more. Your contribution allows us to continue to be a digital hub of local Christian resources.
    • When one plants, another waters, and God grows — the work becomes unstoppable. We may not immediately see how $5 can directly impact someone. Yet the ripple effects of what we do today will reverberate for years to come. To say it another way, people who aren’t even born yet may someday be saved through what you give to us.

We believe God hears all prayers, whether they are verbal, in our head, in another language, or even written out. Right now we want to pray with you. As you read this, know that this is the combined prayer of the Acts 44 team for the donation decision you’re making.

Dear Heavenly Father, As each potential donor reads this please give them a sense of peace in what step they should take next. Some may not be able to give today, and for those, we pray that one day they are in a place to be able to give to your Kingdom. For those who are able to but don’t know how much to contribute, speak to them in a way that gives them a sense of direction. And for those who may be considering a regular vs one-time contribution, only you know the answer: give them wisdom. We thank you for each person who is a part of our ministry, for those we’ve been able to help, and those who we’ve yet to impact but someday will. In Jesus name, Amen.

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