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We are currently at $140,000 out of $220,000.

63% of the way there!

There’s still time for your end of year gift.

Here are the deadlines for your gift to count for 2018:
Monday, December 31 donation deadlines: 
Online: 11:59pm,
By phone: 4pm
In person: 4pm
By mail: December 31 postmark



Continuing Christ’s Mission into 2019

    • WTLW and WOSN broadcasts can touch the lives of over 220,000 households in a 17-county area that includes 70 schools. Many who tune in have not yet made a commitment to Christ. Your donation plants a seed in their lives.
    • As we continue to grow in the arena of digital ministry, our reach can be exponentially more. Your contribution allows us to continue to be a digital hub of local Christian resources.
    • When one plants, another waters, and God grows — the work becomes unstoppable. We may not immediately see how $5 can directly impact someone. Yet the ripple effects of what we do today will reverberate for years to come. To say it another way, people who aren’t even born yet may someday be saved through what you give to us.


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