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FCA Profile: Meet Ellie Miller

FCA Profile: Meet Ellie Miller

Thanks to a father-daughter duo, the Kenton Wildcat’s girls basketball team started the season out with a 6-1 start. Get to know the force behind this, Coach Ryan and his daughter, Ellie Miller.

Meet Ellie Miller

Ellie said that initially it was a little weird playing for her dad. But working together, they were able to overcome that challenge. Coach Miller describes her as a good kid who cares a lot about her teammates, and when you have that sprit it becomes infectious. Coach Miller says it comes down to relationships: the girls really love each other.

A member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she’s an unselfish person. She looks out for her teammates, creating “chaos” for the other team. FCA is a large part of her weekly routine, which has resulted in her teammates asking Ellie to lead them in prayer before every single game.

After discovering a devotional, Ellie felt that she needed to present it to her teammates. From Nehemiah, it talked about fighting for your team and your family. That’s what the team is to her: family.

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