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FCA Profile: Meet Kadie Hempfling

FCA Profile: Meet Kadie Hempfling

Last Tuesday, Andy Lynch introduced you to an FCA athlete making an impact for Jesus. This week, the story continues as we meet Kadie Hempfling from the Ottawa-Glandorf Titans.

Meet Kadie Hempfling

Senior soccer and basketball standout Kadie Hempfling has been an integral part of Ottawa-Glandorf’s successful programs. The season began for Kadie with a nose injury, but it hasn’t impacted her performance. She’s been asked to play roles that aren’t necessarily in her comfort zone, but this has allowed other girls to gain experience on the court.

Kadie has already signed with Bowling Green State University to start playing for the school in the 2018-2019 season. As a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she gives God credit for all of her success. FCA means a lot to her, helping to bring her school together. She enjoys sharing God’s love with others, and she encourages all of us to make him first in our lives!

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