Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s “Fields of Faith” 2017

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fields of Faith 2017

Students from around the area gather for FCA’s Fields of Faith

Students from schools all across the area gathered for the Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s annual Fields of Faith event held at Wapakoneta’s Harmon Field. The night consisted of a time of fellowship and worship music provided by the student led band, and included talks from five current and former high school athletes. FCA District 8 Director Andy Lynch kicked off the night with the prayer that just as in the book of Isaiah, God would start something new.

Remington Hill
Senior, Celina HS (Track & Field)

Remington HIll kicked off Fields of Faith with his message on the necessity of self control in our pursuit of a Christ like life. Quoting the fruits of the spirit from Galatians 5:22, he emphasized how the discipline of self control can be “..one of the greatest weapons against the enemy”, and that “He can get you to do almost anything by sneaking in small justifications.”.

Hill illustrated his message by highlighting the period of time that Jesus spent in the wilderness, during which Satan brought temptation against Him. Despite having fasted for forty days, Jesus resisted the temptation to produce bread and remained disciplined to the purpose for which He was put on Earth. Hill pointed out that Jesus is our “ultimate example of self restraint.”

Alli Schlosser
Senior, St. Marys HS (Soccer, Track & Field)

Fields of Faith continued with St. Marys senior Alli Schlosser sharing her experience of fighting stress and anxiety. A self proclaimed perfectionist, Alli found strength in the story of Jesus walking on water. She noted how Peter began walking on the water towards Jesus, but began to sink as soon as he became fearful of the wind and the waves. Equating it to her own experiences, Alli shared how she reached a point where she realized she needed to admit that she needed help, and that she is not able to go it alone.

Alli’s faith received another test during her Junior year of HS when in the same day she was named captain of her soccer team before a game, but then tore her ACL a short while later. Through the trial, Alli has learned the importance of being humble, and seeking to help others. “We were not put on this world to bask in the glory of being on top, but to help others up their mountain.” she said. She encouraged those in attendance to stay humble, to be willing to ask others for help, and to cling to the knowledge that “God has created you to be enough.”

Clayton Agler
Senior, Parkway HS (Baseball, Band, Golf)

The last of the current high school students to speak was Parkway’s Clayton Agler. Speaking on the ever-challenging topic of loving our enemies, Agler told of his own recent experience of totaling his car in a car wreck. Agler acknowledged his first instinct could have been to get out of the vehicle in anger towards the driver who was at fault, but instead chose restraint.

The Parkway Panther went on to detail the model that is given to us by Jesus in the Bible. Betrayed, whipped, and forced to wear a crown of thorns, Jesus’ only response was “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Agler reminded listeners that “As Christians, our repayment for what we give people comes in Heaven when we spend eternity with Christ.”

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Lauren Roetgerman
Minster Alum (Basketball, Volleyball)

Of the two college FCA members to share at Fields of Faith, Lauren Roetgerman was the first to detail her journey through self image doubts and an uncertain direction for her future. Out of high school Roetgerman was determined to play college basketball at Columbus State, but through unforeseen events found herself playing volleyball for Sinclair community college in Dayton. Lauren shared that it was during this time that her struggles with her body image and loving herself began to develop.

It wasn’t until she chose to offer her fears and struggles up to God that she began to sense a change of direction in her life. Even after her time in college, Lauren found herself uncertain of the direction in her life while working a well paying job in her home town. During a time of prayer and reflection at her Grandpa and high school friends graves, Lauren asked God, “Please show me what my calling is, I want to make a difference.” It was then Lauren learned the next steps for her life, she was to start the Almighty One Athletics sports clothing line. Although still in the process of launching, the clothing line will seek to give people purpose and allows others to share their faith in Christ. A portion of business profits will also be donated back to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Cody Ohmneiss
University of Findlay (Wrestling)

Fields of Faith wrapped up with a talk from FCA leader and University of Findlay wrestler Cody Ohmneiss. He began by reviewing the life of Jesus from the virgin birth to the crucifixion. Cody reiterated that Jesus was on a mission to save humanity because of the love that God has for each and every one of us. Even in the moment when Pilot gave the people the opportunity to free a criminal, and the crowd chose the murderer Barabbas over Jesus, Jesus remained committed to God’s plan. “He knew the father needed to treat Jesus like Barabbas so that He could treat Barabbas like Jesus” Cody said.

Ohmneiss then closed by giving the opportunity for others to follow Jesus. He encouraged all to choose to live by faith and not by sight. The Findlay wrestler admitted that living by faith alone is not always easy, but “it has to be a lifestyle, Jesus is enough.”


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