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Community Thanksgiving Service at Forest Park United Methodist Church

Community Thanksgiving Service at Forest Park United Methodist Church

Have you said thanks this week? Since this is Thanksgiving week, there’s a good chance you have.

It’s easy to say thanks.

But think about this. Have you truly been thankful?

The Challenge: Give Thanks

Pastor Tim Benjamin challenged dozens of area residents on Thanksgiving Eve to consider what it truly means to be thankful- not just say the words, but live a life of thankfulness, despite the surrounding chaos.

1 Thessalonians 5:18-20 offers 3 important keys to finding a lifestyle of happiness

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Another version uses the word “joyful” instead of “rejoice.”

Find that reason

“Even on your worst day, there’s still a reason to be thankful.” said Pastor Benjamin. “All you have to do is remember to do these three important things: be joyful, pray continually, and live thankfully.”

But even Pastor Benjamin admits that in our natural selves, it’s not easy to continually live within these three things.

“If you fail to allow God to be God in your life, you will lose your peace.”

Coming Together

The message of peace, thankfulness, and the conscious decision to make this a way of life, was clearly evident at this community wide Thanksgiving service, held at Forest Park United Methodist Church.

Dozens of community members and many area pastors came together to sing, pray, and agree on the notion of a God directed thankfulness.

“God is not in the business of looking at feelings.” Pastor Tim said. “God wants to see a lifestyle of faithfulness.”

Always be joyful.

Never stop praying.

Be thankful in all circumstances.

Helping Others

In addition to pondering the decision to live with a heart of thankfulness, those in attendance had the chance to exhibit thankfulness.

A special offering was collected for Guiding Light, the local women’s ministry that provides temporary housing, lifestyle coaching, and faith based encouragement.

“I pray that everyone who is in this room can be still and know God is God.” prayed Pastor Wayne Bradley, of I Can Celebration Ministries. Bradley was of several pastors joining together for this community event.

The evening continued with singing, communion, and a spirit of unity. “The whole purpose behind this service is to celebrate that we are one.” said Pastor Benjamin. One in Christ.

Many churches, but all serving one God, in whom we all have a reason to live a life of thankfulness.

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