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God, Guns & Country.

God, Guns & Country.

Walt Sheppard is pastor always looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. An owner of Findlay Gun Store approached Walt to do a men’s Bible study at Buffalo Trading Company, a local gun and shooting range.  The Tuesday night study has grown to over eighty men, who get a fed a meal and the Word of God.

This past fall, a few men from the study connected with TV44 and ViewPoint producer John Ondo in hopes of creating a TV program based around this unique setting.

The result of the collaboration is God, Guns & Country. “We didn’t want to create another generic teaching show, we wanted to create something specifically for men,” said Ondo.  Pastor Sheppard, is an avid 2nd Amendment advocate and gun owner, so the program features backgrounds on different historic guns at the gun store.

The rest of the show features a segment from the men’s Bible study which Pastor Sheppard teaches on the Prodigal Son, and concludes with a brief discussion on prophecy.

“This show has almost a reality show feel to it, we wanted something different for men who love the outdoors and also have a desire to learn more about God, but maybe feel intimidated by stain glass and church steeples. A program talking about God and guns in a gun shop surrounded by ammo and rifles I think will really appeal to many people who feel left out.” said Ondo.

The team has produced one program to see what you think. We hope you watch and let Pastor Walt know at

Walt Sheppard is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Findlay.


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