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Happy 103rd Birthday Mozelle Saylor

Happy 103rd Birthday Mozelle Saylor

When Mozelle Saylor was just a little girl, probably even younger than these kids, her daddy owned a grocery store.  Even at a young age, Mozelle had a unique handle on the key to long life.

“Even before I could walk, I would take my hands along the wall and find my way to the chocolates. My mom would come and find me and know I had been in the chocolates. I still eat chocolate. I have been eating chocolate my entire life.” Mozelle said.


Chocolate has been a part of Mozelle’s life as long as she can remember., and for Mozelle’ that memory goes pretty far back.

February 8, 2020 is Mozelle Saylor’s one hundred third birthday. That’s right. Born in 1917, Mozelle is one hundred three.  

This vibrant, alert, and still quite independent woman volunteers every Wednesday night in the Lima Baptist Temple Awana Cubbies program, and on the Wednesday before her birthday, the Awana kids enjoyed a chance to celebrate her long life.

Long Life

So Mozelle says chocolate has been one staple in her long life. But perhaps there are a few other aspects that have kept her thriving all these years. For the past 13 years she has lived with her granddaughter, Lenora Herbst, who agrees, Granny has the right outlook on life.

“It’s her faith,” Lenora said. “She doesn’t worry about anything. The rest of us stress about things, but Granny just lets it go. She doesn’t worry.”

So, here’s what we know about Mozelle’s keys to long life: don’t worry. In fact, Mozelle says- why worry when you can pray?

Another key: do what you are called to do as long as you can. Mozelle loves children and all her adult life, has found a way to be a positive influence in the lives of youngsters.

From hosting a faith based day care in her home to volunteering at Awana, Mozelle’s love for children continues to fuel her reason to live

But perhaps most important of all, Mozelle says read the Bible and focus on God. Chocolate may serve the palat temporarily, but it’s the Word of God, and living a life for Jesus, that provides the necessary sustenance to get through every day life.

Happy 103 birthday to Mozelle Saylor, Lima Baptist Temple’s very own “Granny.”


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