Is It Really Okay To Sin Your Whole Life and then Repent Right Before You Die? LQ Season 5, Ep. 16


On this episode of Life Questions, our panelists discuss a viewer’s question about forgiveness. “My sister is an atheist but is becoming curious about faith. One thing she doesn’t understand is forgiveness. She want’s to know how it is fair that a person can live a terrible life and then repent right before dying, and still go to Heaven.” The pastors discuss the Thief on the Cross who was promised paradise just moments before his death, and how this impacts sin and forgiveness today. Other topics: how can one be a missionary when working in a very worldly environment? The panel also discusses youth groups, after one parent wrote concerns that this church function may be nothing more than a glorified social club.

Panelists: Kris Browning- Shawnee Alliance Church Paul Ross, One Church Lima Craig Flack- Celina First Church of God Dennis Gaertner- New Knoxville UMC


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