Life Questions Season 1, Episode 12: Bullying, Investments, Movies & More


On this week’s life questions, our panelists, Pastors Bob Wardle, Daniel Messner, Shelley Stephenson, & Ed Rinehart, focus on some relevent topics in today’s society:


Why does it happen? Who is targeted? How does it stop? Where does the Word of God fit in?

Movies & TV

What is it okay for a Christian to watch? Is there a hidden agenda behind scary movies, perhaps something demonic? How does a Christian choose what is okay to watch or read, and what is not?

Investments & Shopping

Where should a Christian spend his or her money? Should he or she be investing in companies that support Biblically questionable practices? Is it okay to visit places like Starbucks and Target?

Bible Study

How does one begin? How much study is enough? How does a busy Christian maintain a healthy Bible study life and still manage a hectic schedule?

What is your Life Question?

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