Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Life Questions Season 1 Episode 2

Life Questions Season 1 Episode 2

“I have raised my children to love the Lord, but they have chosen their own paths. I am brokenhearted and want them to come back to Christ.”

This is just one of the topics found in Episode 2 of a brand new TV-44 show is here! Each week, Life Questions will feature four local pastors, who are answering YOUR questions.

(To submit a question, email lifequestions@wtlw.com).

This week’s panel: Pastor Brandon Green, Pastor Damian Tibbs, Pastor Kim Lyons & Pastor Tim Benjamin

Watch Life Questions on TV-44: Sundays @ 1:30pm, Tuesdays @ 3:30pm, & Wednesdays @ 9am & 9:30pm

Do you know of a pastor who should serve on our panel? Email your ideas to: lifequestions@wtlw.com.


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