How does a person defeat the battle with fear and anxiety? Some think it is a part of them forever, but is it possible to overcome these two major enemies? This week’s panel shares their thoughts on these issues. Included in this discussion is a variety of scriptures that can be strong reminders of God’s love for you, and His desire for you to live with peace inside your heart. Also on this week’s show, a study in Christianity Today suggests 39% of pastors started 2022 considering to leave their profession. Is there a way to help pastors avoid burnout?

This week’s panel:
Mark Burd- State Chairman, Revive Ohio
Gregg Fox- New Hope UMC, Rawson, & Bluffton Trinity UMC
Bill Prater- Auglaize Free United Baptist Church
John Heyward -Assoc. Pastor, Grace Community Church, Lima


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