Lima’s 2nd Unity Service


I’m not always one to say I love Facebook. It’s a time stealer, and the Facebook app eats up the daily battery life on my phone.. But on the night of January 3, I found myself changing my tune 100%. That was the night of Lima ‘s Unity service at I Can Celebration Ministries in Lima. I wasn’t able to attend in person, but thanks to Facebook Live, I, along with others, got to join the full house of worshipers, representing many Lima area churches.

Maybe you saw TV-44’s report on the Unity Thanksgiving service held at Forest Park United Methodist Church. Or perhaps, you were one of the many who were there.

That service, just like this one, held a common theme: we are together in Christ.

A Step of Faith

Not long ago, the building housing I CAN Celebration Ministries was the burnt-out shell of a former office supplies store. Closed after a fire more than a decade ago, Pastor Wayne Bradley and his growing congregation took a leap of faith last year, and bought the “building shell.” Since then, they have been filling it with the Holy Spirit.

And the Unity of the Faith service, January 3, also filled the building with individuals representing all areas of the Lima region.

As you can see here, my view came via Facebook Live. I got to listen to each sermon, and even sing along with the music. Isn’t it great when technology can be used to share the love of Christ? I also stayed close to the event, via Forest Park’s Missions Coordinator, Trish McKinney, who sent me pictures. Using Media for Christ! That sounds like something we really support here at TV-44. 🙂

Unity in Worship

Jim and Addison Lewis, representing New Life Christian Ministries, led worship for the evening. Pastor Tim Benjamin of Forest Park UMC, Pastor Mark Bayliff of Union Chapel, Pastor Julianne Frankhouser of Guiding Light Ministries, Pastor Levi Collins of St. James Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Jim Baker of North Park Church, Pastor Michael Wyckoff of Joy Harvest Fellowship, Pastor Bruce Monford of Mary Alice House, Randy Kimpel of Our Daily Bread, and Pastor Wayne Bradley and his wife, Jaqui, all joined together, welcoming a full crowd to sing, pray, praise, and further devote themselves to unity in Christ!

“The downtown is never going to be the same,” Pastor Bruce Monford said, of the recent opening of I Can Celebration Ministries on High Street in Lima AND the intentional desire of so many to see positive change.

The mission is the same for Pastor Collins at the recently opened St. James Missionary Baptist on Lima’s south end. In fact, the same can be said for every church represented at this event. These individuals came together to not simply represent their own congregations, but to represent one large body, committed to fulfilling The Great Commission.

The service included short “sermons”, all focusing on the topic of unity.

  • U: Usefulness
  • N: New Life
  • I: Inclusive
  • T: Thankfulness
  • Y: UNITY

Unity in Christ! It’s an increasing focus of many in Lima to see a unified desire to give God the glory and make Him known.

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