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The Memorization Study Bible

The Memorization Study Bible

I don’t know much about your upbringing- but when I think back to mine, there were a lot of weekly Bible memorization requirements during my years in Christian elementary school. I can still recall practicing the verse of the week repeatedly the morning I was due to recite it to the teacher; and then to be honest, I also remember forgetting the verse not long after.

Whatever system I was using to memorize back then earned me an A in memory work, but a D in memory retention. As an elementary student, I didn’t yet understand the severity of the contrast, but as an adult who has gone through the storms of life, I certainly do now.

However, as an adult, here’s the struggle- studies indicate as our brains age, our retention abilities start to decline. This doesn’t mean we lose the ability to memorize, but it does suggest doing so may be more difficult. We need God’s word hidden in our hearts! But for many of us, we need a guide, as well as a solid method to help make that possible.

The Memorization Study Bible

Those two necessities are exactly what peaked my interest in New Leaf Publishing Group’s recent release of The Memorization Study Bible. This is a fully complete KJV New Testament, and a step by step memorization guide in one, all with Scripture and the Heart of Christ as the core purpose.

Upon opening this Bible, its immediately apparent that what is found here is different than what is found in any other Bible. I’m not talking content. The Scripture passages are the same as you’ll find in another KJV Bible. Rather, it’s the layout. Verses are printed in a specific order and numbering system, designed to make memorization more naturally accomplished.

Professor Thomas Meyer is the brain behind this unique layout. He’s memorized 20 complete books of the Bible and is the instructor of the only accredited Bible memorization college course in America. In The Memorization Study Bible, Professor Meyer presents encouragement, memorization tips, and even step by step directions on how to start the process of memorization. In essence, this is more than a Bible…it is a training manual designed to ensure that its truly possible to hide more of God’s Word in our hearts. Scripture is presented in a style that promotes the 3 pillars of memorization: seeing the verse in 8 words or less; reading out loud/hearing; and writing the text.

What do I like best about The Memorization Study Bible? This Book causes me to believe Scripture memorization can happen, in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Professor Meyer’s study tips are clear, basic, and presented in a step by step order. They’re doable! In our busy, busy schedules of life, sometimes feeling like something is “doable” is the first mental hurdle leading to success. As an added bonus, each book of the Bible includes a full page overview with key points, and there are 7 appendices in the back, offering the steps to salvation, key Scriptures for the Christian walk, historical insight into Bible memorization, and more.

The Memorization Study Bible is 495 pages in length, and is available for $19.99, or less at Click HERE for a great Fact Sheet on The Memorization Study Bible!


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