Monthly Opportunities with Revive :: Allen County

Monthly Opportunities with Revive :: Allen County

Many of us participated in the Revive :: Allen County event this past September. The coming together of different church bodies was an awesome experience, stirring the hearts of church leaders across the region to actively foster a missional approach to ministry. And while the September rally started the fire, many of our readers may not be aware monthly outreaches are being held where there is an ongoing opportunity to serve.

On Monday, I attended the Revive :: Allen County monthly meeting at Lima Baptist Temple. This is a time where the leaders of the movement sit down together and plan the upcoming outreach. Attended by Jason Harris, Michael Green, Nathan Branim, and Time to Revive Missionary Scott Hobbs, I left with two key takeaways after observing the meeting:

  • Great things are still happening.
  • There’s a whole lot more work left to be done.

Missional Approach

During the most recent Revive :: Allen County event, 7 teams went out to serve and minister to our community, including one larger group that went to Lost Creek Care Center. The Revive model isn’t to recreate church. Rather, the approach is much more simple than that: build relationships through acts of service.

This is really the core to the missional methodology of ministry. There’s been a ton of miracles during outreach events, divinely orchestrated circumstances that only God could align. During the December outreach, a team went to a local retail store and encountered a lady who had been suffering with significant back pain. After being prayed for she walked away healed.

Another team visited a different store and ran into an individual who was saved as a child but had stopped attending church as he grew older. He and one of the team members made an instant connection over a shared hobby, and through that the group was able to speak life into him.

Getting Involved with Revive :: Allen County

The Revive :: Allen County movement is full of many stories just like these. The next missional outreach starts at 8am on Saturday, January 20th at Grace Fellowship Church. Most volunteer teams only spend 4 to 5 hours one Saturday morning a month serving in the community, and extend an open invitation for you to get involved.

Alternatively, all are invited to attend the next planning meeting at 1pm on Tuesday, February 5th at Lima Baptist Temple. The goal is to plan out the remaining outreach events for 2018.

You may not be able to make either of these, but you’re encouraged to reach out to Jason Harris for more information on how you can be a part of ongoing Revive events.

Life Happens Together

Some of the leaders related to me what God is teaching them through Revive. As the movement helps to breakdown denominational differences, one related to me how he is learning to better walk in the Spirit as well as to better listen to the voice of God. Understand this: the work has been finished on the cross, yet Jesus gave us the Great Commission. As we go, we are to disciple whomever we encounter.

There is still unfinished work for the church. Discipleship happens during and after these monthly outreaches. Revive :: Allen County is helping to unite the greater body, reaching the lost through discipleship, and sharing the gospel to a hurting world.

5 things we get by serving others

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