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Dear Friend of TV-44,

If you or someone you know has been having problems locating TV-44 or WOSN on TV, this information is designed to help you. 

WTLW made it’s first of three technical changes Friday, April 12th. This is the day we changed to a new frequency.  Although Channel 44 still appears on your program guide, the signal will actually be transmitting over channel 17. If you rescan your TV today, hopefully you will see WTLW and WOSN on 17.1 and 17.2. 

If you aren’t able to find WTLW and WOSN after rescanning, don’t lose hope. Click here to get the latest information on this three-phase process and how you may be affected. Please note the information on the map as well as the schedule plans for the second and third phase of the process.

I realize this can be all very confusing. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 419-339-4444 or email at

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Kevin Bowers
General Manager


  1. I’ve tried several times to rescan since last Friday but nothing happened – no temporary channel or anything.

    I live about 26 miles from the station or about 20 miles south of Van Wert in northern Mercer county.

    Was wondering when the changeover and full power will be complete?
    Thanks for any info

    Jon Miller
    Celina Ohio

    • We are unaware of why Directv is unable to get back on. We encourage you to call them and ask them to put TV-44 back on. We have communicated with them and do not understand why there is still a problem.

  2. I was able to regain your signal with my yagi in Sidney after rotating it north. Prior to the change, the signal was strong enough to come in on the back side. (You appeared to have reduced the power.) After the final move to VHF (in June), will your station meet or exceed previous broadcast strength?

  3. In Van Wert we are not getting 44 since your changes, we had strong signal before using antenna TV. Rescanning did not help.

  4. I live 8 miles west of Willshire OH and always enjoyed channel 44 over our digital antenna feed. Our grandson attends Van Wert High. We enjoyed the high school sports as well as religious programming. I re-scan often and receive no channel 44, 17, or 26. Is the strength as strong as the original signal? Please advise.

    • Hi Dave, Due to the current phase of our multi phase process, you live in an area that may not be able to receive our channel at the moment. The second phase of this project will happen later this month. We would like to talk with you so we can better explain the situation and talk through the TV set up in your home. Coudl you call us at 419-339-4444? Kevin Bowers, our station manager, is interested in answering your questions. Thanks, Jennifer Beck

  5. I live in Rockford, Ohio and I have rescanned a lot and just did it again today after we put attenia outside the garage. And put on roof. It still doesn’t work. I really miss this channel. I’ll keep trying

    • Yvonne, would you please call us at 419-339-4444? Since every household and TV situation is a little different than the others, we would like to be able to talk to you about your set up. Please ask for Kevin when you call. Thanks!

  6. Love this channel for so many reasons but because of retirement we ended cable – have internet through Spectrum and use Amazon Fire Sticks can we receive your channel at all

    • Hi Cindy, yes, you can watch us via your antenna (depending on where you live.) You are welcome to call us at 419-339-4444 and we can talk with you about making sure your antenna is directed our way. Or you can email me directly at I may not have the answers, but can point you to someone who will. Jennifer

    • Robert, we activated the new antenna on channel 4 a few months ago. When you rescan, you will be looking for 44.3 and 44.4. Your personal antenna system may be the issue on why you are not getting us. Can you please call us so we can talk through your antenna set up? 419-339-4444 (9-4, M-F).

  7. LOVE watching CH 44.1 and CH 44.2 I have been watching this station for several years from UNION . CITY. OH . I Had to move to GREENVILLE . OH . I did have to fine tune my antenna with an Antenna Amplifier and a Powered Splitter there is more interference in Town . keep us posted on your final phase . Thank you !


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