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What a surprise for Lima-area pastors!

What a surprise for Lima-area pastors!

Blessing Our Pastors!

What a surprise for Lima-area pastors! As they gathered at Converge 2018, joining hands on stage, ready to pray for the Converge attendees and the city of Lima, they were a little confused when the words being spoken were about them.

Before the honorable mention began, they let the students in on the little surprise and gave them a cue of “thank you” to cheer the loudest roar possible. Once the pastors were on stage, a converge volunteer began reminding them of the enormous gift on their life to serve and walk with humility.

When the students stood and cheered, they were reminded not to quit because it’s worth it. With one last cheer, they blew the pastors away with gratitude and honor.

Power in Prayer

After a few moments of awe, with a new appreciation, the pastors gathered around together and prayed a powerful prayer over the city of Lima. That this city would become a place that belongs to Jesus to bless, to anoint, to save, to redeem, and to heal. What a time of unity and vision!

This surprise to honor pastors is a reminder to encourage one another. To be words of life and love to a people group that need to hear it more often. I’m sure you can thank one or two people in your life that have sewn into you. Give them some praise today and pray for God to bless their lives in more ways they can possibly imagine.

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