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Temple Christian Says, “Thank You Pastors”

Temple Christian Says, “Thank You Pastors”

Temple Christian School is thankful for all area pastors and recently held a special appreciation event to extend their thanks. Temple Superintendent, Bruce Bowman, and School Board Chairman, Jason Szuch, share why saying “thank you” to pastors is so important to the school.

Bruce Bowman: “We’re here to say thank you to local pastors. We appreciate so much the ministry they have in our community and the hard work they do on a day to day basis.”

Jason Szuch: “I don’t know how we could do church without our pastors. I don’t know how we could have a community of believers without shephards to lead us along and look out for our spiritual well being; so it’s very important to us to that we align ourselves with these people in the community and have a good relationship with them. We really are thankful for all they do.”

Bruce Bowman: “Many of these pastors have students who attend Temple Christian School, whether it be their own families or families in their churches. We all have the same goal: educating kids and getting them ready for whatever the Lord has for them in their lives.”

Jason Szuch: “I went to public school for a period of time and then finished out my education at Temple Christian school, and just the benefits I received from being able to study the BIble in school, learning science, learning history from a Christian perspective, I think are very important. I am very honored to serve Temple Christian so that we can grow the school and see good things happen for the school. We want to be known as the best school in Lima, not just for education, but also in athletics and how we can help the community through serving.”

Several students from Temple Christian High School shared a comedic skit, portraying potentially humorous situations a pastor will find with his or her congregation. Younger students offered their insightful and also sometimes humorous thoughts on what a pastor does every day. The banquet room at Old Barn Out Back was filled with engaging discussion, smiles, and of course, full stomachs.


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