The Endless TV-44 Auction

What has changed?

Instead of the annual one day auction at TV-44, there will now be monthly auctions at Auctions on 309.

This means you can gather your auction donations all year long and TV-44 won’t have to wait  to receive the proceeds.

Monthly donations will be auctioned during the regular auctions held at Auctions on 309. 

How will work?

Donated items will be auctioned during the sale, held at the auction house. The proceeds from the donated items, minus a small convenience fee, will go directly to TV-44. This means, you can donate month after month, providing an ongoing revenue stream for TV-44!

What can you donate?

Furniture (in near new condition), antiques, power tools, cars, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, mowers, or most items of value exceeding $100 (see list below for exclusions.)

What donations are not accepted?

Books (including encyclopedias), magazines, real or artificial plants, compact discs, DVDs & VHS tapes/players, cassettes, 8-tracks, record albums, coffee mugs, holiday decorations, luggage, humidifiers, pressboard/particle board furniture including computer desks, clear glassware from the kitchen, upholstered furniture unless nearly new, nuts/bolts/etc. from the garage, used    linens (towels/sheets), tube TV sets, pictures/wall hangings, computer equipment, typewriters, bud vases, full or empty soda bottles, Avon, windows/doors/sinks/tubs, priced items, garage sale leftovers, dirty items.  

How do you find out more?

Call us at 419-339-4444. We’ll let you know where to take your donations.

Here’s more information about this new partnership!

WTLW’s annual benefit auction has been transformed into the “TV Endless Auction”. Michael Miller, owner of “Auctions on 309” and WTLW are partnering to expand the auction to a year-round fundraiser. Donated items will be accepted throughout the year to be sold at “Auctions on 309” on Elida Rd. WTLW will receive the net proceeds after the sale expense is deducted.

According to Kevin Bowers, General Manager, the ongoing auction will save both time and expense for the ministry. “The one-day auction held in September for the past 32 years was fun, but the cost in time of handling the items and the logistics expense, diminished the event as a fundraiser,” he said.

The new arrangement with a local auction house removes the burden of collecting and storing items. “Basically, our staff and our studio (storage) had been tied up for three months of the year in preparing for the auction. Now we can free up staff and space to produce more programming,” he said.

Michael Miller has been a licensed auctioneer since 2012 and also served as a “ringman” in prior years. He was drawn to the profession of auctioneering because of a background in performing arts. “We perform a show for the crowd and many auction  newcomers say they had no idea [an auction] would be such a fun environment,” he said. Miller holds auctions at the Elida Road facility on an “as needed” basis, which currently is once or twice per month.

He sees a synergy between WTLW and his for-profit business. “Ethics are important to us,” he said. “We feel “doing the right thing” is the correct way of doing business.” Another important part is helping those who have the monumental task of selling personal property due to a life changing event. Mike said nothing gives him greater joy than to receive “genuine appreciation from a seller that is overwhelmed at the task of liquidating the estate of a loved one.”

If you would like to donate through the TV-44 Endless Auction, call us at 419-339-4444 for drop-off information. Garage sale items are not being accepted. Suggested donations include: furniture (in near new condition), antiques, power tools, cars, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, mowers, or most items of value.