The Power of I Do

The power of I do

The moment I got engaged, it was like I was instantly gifted this precious egg to nurture. That it was my job, my responsibility to take care of it and when it hatched on our wedding day, it will be through my effort to make sure it grows into something beautiful. Lee and I both have a responsibility to do our part, and this really is exactly how Jesus wants relationship with us. When we become His Bride, we’re given the gift of relationship with Him. Jesus tends to us perfectly and he wants us to get to know His heart so we can truly be effective in our oneness with Him.


I want to tell you that relationships are a beautiful thing and the power of “I Do” invites us into a covenant relationship. If we understand the density of this truth, we’ll begin to see our significant other as a gift from God to care for. To have the honor of taking care of that person’s heart for the rest of your life. There’s a deep sense of purpose in that. Purpose that is meant to breathe life into you.

If you are married, you know that it is hard work, but, it’s not meant to be a hard life. The thought occurred to me the other day: I wonder what Jesus’ carpentry looked like? My husband is a carpenter and I know that he works with excellence, so I can only imagine Jesus having the same work ethic. What am I getting at? Anything that has quality isn’t rushed or taken lightly. It’s intentionally thought out and made with the utmost care. Jesus is calling us into the same work ethic as a lifestyle for our marriages.


As people of Faith, we should be eager to lead with excellence, grace, respect, and love. But so often, we become trapped with this idea that everyone is doing better than us. It’s funny how social media works: we post when something amazing happens and scroll when life isn’t going our way. I get angry at how often the enemy uses that against us. Could we, instead of posting our high times, begin to unravel the depths of how we got there? I believe that matters. Let’s change the conversation. For the sake of helping others. For the sake of caring about the quality of our relationships.

Maybe you’re single, divorced, or widowed. I want to share how beautiful your life is, all the same. You come with so much wisdom to give others, so don’t hide your story. Share it to better the conversation. To continually realize that you are whole because Christ shares a covenant with you. There is such a sweet gift in this chapter. Learn to be present in it and unravel the grace that is inside this season. You are passionately loved and pursued by the only one who will ever complete you. Say “I Do” to a lifestyle with Him.

The power of I Do

“The power of I Do” isn’t about a phrase, but a covenant that we said “yes” to. No matter what season you find yourself in, let today be the beginning of wisdom, so that we may unravel all that relationships are meant for.

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