War A Good Warfare by Benjamin Budde: The Dark Years


This is part 1 of a 5 part series on the testimony of author Benjamin Budde. His book, War a Good Warfare is available now at Amazon.com, or by contacting Benjamin directly: ben.budde@yahoo.com / 419-733-8689. Benjamin is willing to share his complete testimony for your organization. He is currently booking speaking engagements.

Part 1: The Dark Years

The youngest of 8 children, Benjamin Budde spent many years simply trying to find his place in the world. As his older siblings claimed their talent territory, Benjamin sought for something he could call his own. He found it in the form of music.

As a teenager, music became not just his identity, but an extension of his emotions and thoughts. “I started out playing in church”, Benjamin said. “Which was good, but in reality, I was listening to and hanging around groups that didn’t follow the best lifestyle.”

Drinking and drugs were not uncommon parts of the music scene and it wasn’t long until Benjamin found himself being drawn into those elements as well.

“Then, my mom died.” Benjamin quietly remembered. “And that was the hardest thing in my life.”

Benjamin’s mom was not just his mom. As a homeschooled student, she was also his teacher. In losing her, he felt so much was taking from him. “I was so angry with God,” Benjamin said. And at that point, he turned his back on his childhood religious experiences and went his own way.

For 10 years, Benjamin tried to life life by his own book: booze, drugs, and rock and roll. Benjamin lived a partying music scene, all the while, finding relative success in his musical ventures. “I finally got an opportunity to open for someone that I had always looked up to in the music world,” he said. “I mean, this is a guy that movies are made about. He really was making it in the music world, but the day I met him, I was really surprised. I met someone who seemed lost and not happy. I found myself wondering, how could this guy not be happy when he obviously has it all?”

Meanwhile, Benjamin certainly did not have it all. “Just a few months after that music opportunity, I lost almost everything.” He had his house, but he didn’t have furniture, other than a couch that would double as a bed. Friends would drop him off at night and he would “roll in” to the house and pass out from being drunk or high. And that was a point where Benjamin started quietly wondering- what did it really mean to have it all and what was missing from his life?

Benjamin found a Bible in his house. It had been his mother’s Bible. Feeling like he didn’t know where to next turn, he started reading…and in a matter of days his life miraculously changed.

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