Saturday, September 23, 2023

WTLW is Acts 44

In Acts Chapter 3, Peter and John healed a crippled beggar. They then seized an opportunity to spread the Good News to the gathering crowd, who were amazed by the healing. Acts 4:4 tells us that their teaching led to an increase in the number of believers: as many as 5,000 had become new converts through their “logos,” or as we would say today, the message. This idea of spreading the message of the Gospel has been core to WTLW since our founding in 1982. In essence, WTLW is Acts 44.

Reaching the Lost

WTLW has been, and will continue to be, West Central Ohio’s viewer supported TV station striving to Witness the Living Word (WTLW) to our region. Both TV-44 and WOSN remain committed to providing quality Christian programming and coverage of local sports to our viewers.

However, as newer generations transform the way they gather information, we are also committed to taking the Word to them. Jesus commanded us to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. We believe this includes digital media. What you are going to see unfold through our web and broadcast channels is a strategic integration of all of our media to support the ministry.

In the Parable of the Great Feast, Jesus’ message was clear: go find the lost. The transformational shift towards online media hasn’t changed our mission. It’s simply led to an expansion of where we go to pursue it.

Acts 4:4 — Proclaiming the Gospel Message

Our revamped website is a key part of this initiative. Longtime website visitors will immediately notice the change to our homepage. As you can see, Faith & Friends is shifting to be a major part of our web presence. We’re focusing heavily on God in Action — what He is doing throughout the church body — as well as our expanded faith articles. We want to be the local hub of Christian resources in a digital world.

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Your Role

Our broadcast entities have always been viewer supported. It is through your charitable donations that we have been able to bring you our on-air programming for more than 35 years. Many supporters give monthly contributions while others will send in one-time gifts. Both are critically necessary to keep TV44 running so that we can further the reach for the Kingdom. Simply put, we need your faithful contributions. As we move into reaching an online world, these contributions will become even more critical. The internet is a mission field just as important as any other.

Another way to support us is through our newly rebranded Acts 44 Foundation. Previously known as our Nehemiah Fellowship, estate bequests as designated dollar amounts or net percentages can be donated to the foundation. A third option is to list Acts 44 as one of the beneficiaries of your 401k or retirement plan.

We cannot state this enough: your support is vital. Acts 4:4 states that the faithful work of two of Jesus’ disciples led to an increase in the number of believers. Will you join us as we strive to increase that number? Will you partner with us to spread the logos, the message, to both a broadcast, as well as, an online audience?

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