“My daughter arrived at her Christian college, and on the first day, she was invited to an alcoholic frat party….she called me in tears because this is not what she was expecting. The school is known for being conservative. I want to encourage her to stand strong in her faith. Can you give me suggestions on how to do that?” – Viewer This week’s Life Questions Panel includes a 19 year old pastor, who, along with his 3 colleagues, discusses ideas to encourage this college student to stand firm in her faith. The panel also discusses the idea of teenagers sticking to Jesus even after they leave their parents’ influence. “I have four children who willingly go to church and say they love Jesus; but I’m worried about their future…I keep hearing their faith must be made their own. How does that happen and what can I do to help that happen?”- Viewer


  • Tim Benjamin- Wayne St. UMC, St. Marys
  • Parker Miley- Walnut Grove UMC, St. Marys
  • Rick Scheer- Living Hope Assembly of God, St. Marys
  • Bev Hurlburt- Grace Church, St. Marys


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